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2018 | PROCESSPLUS® Users Group Meeting

PROCESSPLUS® Users Group Meeting 2018 in Munich / Germany

Every two years BTB Jansky and their customers meet in a major city somewhere in Europe. In order to combine the interesting with the pleasureable, this year we chose Munich as the destination, as it is home to the Münchner Wiesn, or Oktoberfest. As usual, the conference was held over two half days, giving the participants plenty of time to arrive at the conference hotel.


This year's PROCESSPLUS® User Meeting turned out to be one of the most exciting events since our first contact with data reconciliation in 1997. After much work and effort we were happy to announce and demonstrate our newly developed and certified data reconciliation software suite PROCESSPLUS® Core 6.0 and the browser-based PROCESSPLUS® WebClient. Coincident and hard work had it, that we have received the official VDI 2048 (2017) certification for PROCESSPLUS® Core 6.0 on August 30, 2018. Just in time for our meeting in Munich.

We heard many interesting experiences from our customers and how they relate to business cases. As in our previous meetings, this peer exchange serves BTB Jansky as a source of feedback and ideas for improvements and new developments as well as customers to think about adopting project ideas from other users.

We are already looking forward to our next users meeting in 2020. Who knows - maybe its time to chose a destination outside of Europe. Suggestions are welcome!

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